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Numerical experimentation

One day, for example, I disguised myself as the number three and hoped no one would notice. Janice was in town all day, so there was no worry there. Steve, though, he was still in the flat. He woke late… continue reading »

Fugue No. 2

SUBJECT The breeze caressed the trees. The nightingales sang loudly.   DEVELOPMENT – The breeze, a southerly, and somewhat damp from the sea, caused the trees to whisper among themselves as if a stranger were in town. Moonless night in… continue reading »

The Man Who Ran

He was running and running and running, and when he thought he couldn’t run any more, he carried on running. And all the people came out onto the streets to watch him running, and they said, there he goes, running… continue reading »

Untitled is the title

I had seen the dog limping around the village a few days before the evening it called at my door. It was a surprise but then again it wasn’t. When I answered, it was sitting some paces from the step,… continue reading »

The World Apart

The sun lay on top of us like a heavy lover, and we, naked as the day, sprawled semi-dozing at the edge of the empty pool. Our world was circumscribed by the scent of pine trees and an unremitting chorus… continue reading »

Fragment (Vb.)

With all the components in place, and the device fitted neatly into its containing box, he sighed and sat back. His brow was damp and his eyes stinging from the strain of concentrating so hard for so long. Composing himself,… continue reading »

By Rights

When they were handing out the prizes, a man, despite not having won a single event, decided he deserved one. Smiling, he insinuated himself into the pack of winners and adopted an air of merit. One after another, the victors… continue reading »

No Alternative

This story* is brought to you by Vilove, insurance for the modern life — ‘Be safe, be happy’®. Also by the new Gada Tribal, the car that takes you further. In partnership with Mantra, energy for the home and workplace… continue reading »

The Turmoil


There were seven or eight of us, single file on the narrow track, black river on our right, wooded rise to the left, and we were on our way home. Night was well on and fatigue petered out the conversation.… continue reading »

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