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The troublesome nature of conscience

When the best negotiator in the country was accused of a crime, he took hostage the two detectives assigned to bring him in, and barricaded himself in his home. That he was the most qualified and successful hostage crisis negotiator… continue reading »

Untitled Too (or, The Shame of Being A Poet)

I really did not want to go out as my face felt folded in on itself and my hair was a mess thanks to all the split ends but the dog needed his walk. He sat silent in the hall,… continue reading »

The Weight of Need

In need of help, he bought his first self-help book at the age of twenty-nine. The book was good, and he certainly felt he had been helped. Carefully, he underlined certain sentences and noted their page number at the front.… continue reading »

The Magnet and the Needle

She resented his apology for the display of power it was. The silence had been building for some miles, compressed by the confined space of the car, and it was clear the thin statement of contrition was on its way.… continue reading »

The List of Words Not to be Used

The list of words not to be used was put up on the door of the library. They had been written in alphabetical order. At first in groups, then one by one, the people approached them, read them, considered them.… continue reading »

Solid Ground

The weather was changeable. He didn’t know if they would be allowed to cross the bridge. The clouds had thickened and it looked like rain. A sign announced their arrival, and John turned off the main road. As he parked,… continue reading »

Homeland Security

By the time I got back to the island only Henson was still alive. He didn’t speak; the gun said it all. He motioned me to the prison and locked me in a cage. “Quarantine,” he muttered at last, as… continue reading »


When our ancestors began the Map of the Labyrinth, they did so by setting out its perimeter. On a sheet of canvas, measuring five feet by five, they painted using plant dyes and ground minerals mixed with water. In designing… continue reading »

The Higgs Boson Event

The trouble started when the Higgs Boson particle was finally discovered. The God Particle, as the press so loved to call it. I guess they were right. With the Higgs Field measured and malleable, some genius thought it would be… continue reading »

Suspect is on foot, heading north

The map was like no other he had seen. For three days he had been studying it, beating it with frowns and fists, and although not confident, was now of the belief that an understanding of the key had been… continue reading »

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