Suspect is on foot, heading north

The map was like no other he had seen. For three days he had been studying it, beating it with frowns and fists, and although not confident, was now of the belief that an understanding of the key had been reached.

He made his move, heading north.

The watchers, safe in their underground bunkers, furnished with all mod cons and carpets imported from China, smiled and waited.

Some weeks later, or maybe it was hours, he reached the pool and stood over it. He smiled and waited. His calculations were correct, the puzzle of the key had been unlocked and now the map made sense. It was oriented, in that east was at the top, the other cardinals, put out, occupied unfamiliar corners. He turned to his right and started moving again.

In their underground bunkers, fitted with all mod cons, carpets from China and songbirds from Istanbul, the watchers waited, frowning.

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