Numerical experimentation

One day, for example, I disguised myself as the number three and hoped no one would notice. Janice was in town all day, so there was no worry there. Steve, though, he was still in the flat. He woke late and seemed cautious, and when he stood for some minutes staring glassy-eyed at three elephant ornaments on the mantelpiece, I thought I had been discovered. With a shake of the head, he came to himself, sat down and turned on the telly. Occluded, I watched him until mid-afternoon, when he left in a hurry. I was shocked it had worked so well.


(Featured in Dodging The Rain – May, 2017)

4 thoughts on “Numerical experimentation

  1. Gabrielle Graham says:

    What a strange little story and to visualise even stranger, I liked it.


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