Dark Waves

Blood Bound Books, 2014

Can all hauntings be explained by science?

John Stedman believes they can…

As a sound engineer, he uses his expertise in subsonic resonance to debunk supernatural phenomenon, and he pursues the task with a missionary zeal. With a book on the subject about to launch, John accepts a journalist’s challenge to investigate a particularly powerful haunting at The Dawlish Inn, a 15th Century tavern situated on the south coast of England.
John’s all set for an uneventful weekend at the tavern, but beneath the inn, in the ancient cellar, something is waiting for him … something that science cannot explain – an encounter that will change his world forever.

Standalone eBook  –  Kindle UK  –  Kindle US 

Double edition paperback, with Roger Jackson’s Cradle of the Dead HERE

“First things first: Dark Waves is unsettling.” — Booksquawk

“This book has a great tone throughout and it’s a rewarding slow burn. By slow burn I certainly don’t mean boring, just that it’s tense and builds steadily. Creepiness and subtlety are the order of the day for this book.” — The Books of Blood

“I lingered, reading and re-reading the descriptions and details of the inn far longer than any normal person probably would have done.” — The Horror Fiction Review

“It has a real, tangible sense of menace and the inexplicable, and it works well on just about every level. A damn fine read.” — Simon Maginn, author of Sheep

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