Dark Waves

Out now, from Blood Bound Books

Double edition paperback, with Roger Jackson’s Cradle of the Dead, – HERE

Standalone eBook  –  Kindle UK  –  Kindle US  DW - synopsis

“First things first: Dark Waves is unsettling.” — Booksquawk

“This book has a great tone throughout and it’s a rewarding slow burn. By slow burn I certainly don’t mean boring, just that it’s tense and builds steadily. Creepiness and subtlety are the order of the day for this book.” — The Books of Blood

“I lingered, reading and re-reading the descriptions and details of the inn far longer than any normal person probably would have done.” — The Horror Fiction Review

“It has a real, tangible sense of menace and the inexplicable, and it works well on just about every level. A damn fine read.” — Simon Maginn, author of Sheep



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